At The Bandstand - Sunday


Sunday June 3rd  @ the Millennium Bandstand from 10am to 5pm.

Come out and enjoy a fun filled day of family activities from Yoga, Volleyball, Boot Camps, Dancing, Fencing
to an Indigenous round dance and closing with our annual Lion Dance.





8am – Moksha Yoga
Community-driven studios that share their ideas, their love of conversation, an awesome hot yoga series rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga and yoga therapy concepts, and a passion for our 7 philosophical pillars.

9am Fight Fit Bootcamp by Joe
We specialize in helping people get into shape while learning martial arts. Our signature 60 minute Fight Fit Kickboxing Bootcamp has helped people burn off the unwanted fat, tone up mid sections, arms and thighs all while learning to kick butt!

10am - Shanti Yoga
Sheila Abbruzzo will guide you through an intimate integration of the body, mind, spirit and breath. Yang to yin yoga guided in the Kripalu Tradition provides depth and meaning to the practice as intended in its foundation of traditional Chinese medicine. Inspirational music will guide the movement through the physical aspects of the postures.

11am Cardioga-Flex (TM) by Sholina Jivraj
This speciality class was personally designed for added benefits to yoga that is also more gentle on your joints than a regular fitness class. It is a fusion of yoga and fitness that incorporates yoga poses for strength and flexibility as well as fitness strength and cardio conditioning to increase lean muscle, lose fat, and increase your cardiovascular endurance – all in one session! This is a fast-paced and energizing class, but winds down with a stretching and relaxation component. It’s a lot of fun and guaranteed to give you results.

12 noonEllen Reesor of KIND Yoga by Heart
Join in for a blissful one hour yoga class at the Unionville bandstand! This class
is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike as students are encouraged to
listen to their bodies and take the variations of poses that best suits them. All
are welcome to enjoy!”

国家 健美操一级裁判员和教练员,杨琳健身俱乐部创办
课程简介:10-15分钟热身(低强度); 30分钟主题:
形体修塑+Zumba; (中强度——高强度);10-15分钟放

Theme: Bodywork and Zumba.
Come and join Yang Lin in a dynamic workout of dance and aerobics.
10-15 minutes warm up (low strength)
30 minutes (Medium strength - high strength)
10-15 minutes to relax (low strength)

2pm Fencing by Dragon Fencing Academy
Fencing is the ancient art of swordplay and the modern sport of duelling. Fencing requires fast relaxes and a sharp mind. It is a physical and mental activity.
Come see us demonstrate Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, a 500 year old Japanese samurai sword art and the modern Olympic sport of fencing.

3pm Come hear some of our Special Olympians and Local Ambassadors share their inspiring stories with us. David Conforti, Jordyn Sunn, John Vollett and many others.
Be wowed by our local youth and ambassadors as they showcase the wares of our local community champions, businesses and initiatives. Be delighted by the youth from the Lakoniki Levendia Hellenic Dance Group who will perform various pieces.

4pm Sammy’s amazing Lion Dance Troupe will close off BeFit 2017 with blessings of good health and prosperity!


10am to 4pm - VOLLEYBALL by Unity
At Unity Volleyball, we celebrate relationships,character and success through athletics. We are passionate about using volleyball to enhance community, leadership and opportunity for all. Come out and have a game at BE FIT Unionville.


1pm to 4pm - BUBBLE SOCCER by PVP Sports
Get suited up in our own giant PVP bubbles before going head-to-head in the most intense of soccer ever! With no pesky rules like off sides and handballs, all you have to worry about is staying on your feet...and scoring!


We introduce a different and intense edge to ye’ old archery. With real bows and safe foam-tipped arrows.  There are no safe zones and no lines dividing the teams so it comes down to your bow skills to survive.


10am – 3pm - Come help us build a stunning birthday cake to help celebrate Canada’s 150th year. All design work will be produced with the use of our 3D art pens. Design your own candle that will be paraded and then lit and placed around our community designed cake during the festivities at the Milne Dam Conservation Area on 1st July at 4.30pm.
Cost : $5 per candle

In addition, help us create a stunning piece of clothing with our 3D art pens that will be modeled at 3pm and later placed in a specified location within Unionville, as an exhibit for a period of time. A great community project that will showcase the product of joint collaboration. (Donations of $5 per 15 minute intervals will go towards our local initiatives.)